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Incident Response Services- Bunting Digital Forensics, LLC

Bunting Digital Forensics, LLC Incident Responses Services are available 24x7, globally.  We have experience in large data centers and in small server closets and most everything else in between.  We typically cater to the small to mid-sized businesses, as they need IR services as much as the big data centers, but have a harder time finding the right IR service when they need, which is usually yesterday.  

When an incident occurs, you went to know what happened, who did it, and you want your system back up and running and free of any intruders.  Did I mention that you wanted that yesterday as well?  We know your pressures and we do our best to get you the answers you need and get your system back online and secure.  

If you have an incident and you need our services, contact Steve immediately and we'll start the ball rolling at once.