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Data Recovery & Password Recovery Services- Bunting Digital Forensics, LLC

Bunting Digital Forensics, LLC Data Recovery & Password Recovery Services are an extension of our forensic examination services.  As forensic examiners, we've been recovering lost, hidden, and deleted files since we started in this business over 16 years ago.  Along the way, we've had to bypass, recover, and crack passwords as a normal course of our business.  As a result, we have become quite adept at doing so.  That said, we can leverage those finely honed skills to recover your data or passwords.

There are cases where one can't recover lost data or defeat a password.  It does happen and so there are no guarantees.  Generally, if the data is there somewhere, we can recover it.  As for passwords, we have the tools and the experience.  If it can reasonably be done, chances are we can do it.

We leverage the following tools to recover data and passwords:

We are often asked to leverage these skills in domestic matters where an unfaithful spouse has deleted or hidden important information.  We can perform these services on computers or smart phones.

If you have a data recovery problem or a password issue, call Steve and we can discuss your options.