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Expert Witness Services- Bunting Digital Forensics, LLC

Bunting Digital Forensics, LLC Expert Witness Services cover a wide range of services.  Sometimes you need an expert to prove a particular matter in litigation that involves a digital matter. Examples of our expert services are;

  • We have testified in U.S. District Court that a document offered as evidence of an email was in fact a forgery, as the URL construct was erroneous, along with other telltale markers.  
  • In another case, a defendant on trial for murder inserted, once again, a forged email into a stack of documents and offered it as evidence in her defense.  In a separate trial, we testified that no such document existed in the evidence, along with additional testimony as to how an IMAP server functioned.  
  • We have been called upon to dispute the findings of another examiner in an computer intrusion case.  All matters were handled confidentially and the matter adjudicated in favor of our client.  
  • Sometimes we are asked to evaluate the evidence in a case and answer a simple question that attorneys often have.  That question is this "Is my client telling me the truth when he or she says I didn't commit this crime?"  It happens quite often.  We evaluate the evidence and advise counsel as to the strength of the evidence against their client.
  • Once we were even asked to be an expert for a U.S District Court Judge who needed assistance interpreting a digital forensics report that was submitted to the court  by a forensic examiner in very high standing in the digital forensics community.  He simply could not write a report of his findings and so we were asked to interpret his report for the court.  

The circumstances in which you might need our expert witness services are many, including some we haven't yet even considered I'm sure.  If we can't directly support you, we can often put you in contact with someone who can.  Either way, if you need an expert witness, call Steve right away and we can discuss your needs and how we can best serve you.