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Services:  Bunting Digital Forensics, Llc Digital Forensic Examinations

  • Digital Media Forensic Examinations - We conduct forensic examinations on all types of media from laptops to production servers.  As an extension of a forensic examination, we can recover lost or deleted data and obtain or bypass passwords.
  • Mobile Device Forensic Examinations - Computing is mobile and data sources are now contained in personal mobile devices - Using industry standard tools, we capture and analyze smart phone data.  We do JTAG & Chip-off Data Extractions as well, so as to get all the data. 
  • Instructional Services - We deliver training courses for a wide variety of digital forensics topics and to international audiences. We specialize in mobile device forensics and Macintosh forensics.  For Macintosh forensics, we offer certification as an  ALTERNATIVE OS CERTIFIED FORENSIC ANALYST ® , for those who qualify.
  • Curriculum Development - We develop professional training courses for the digital forensics space.
  • Electronic Discovery - We specialize in small and medium sized jobs.  We leave the big jobs to the big firms.  We can help you plan and deliver.
  • Spoliation- Our specialty!  When you have a case where you suspect the other party to litigation has concealed or destroyed evidence, you need someone who is an expert at finding evidence of spoliation.  The big eDiscovery shops are good at what they do, which is process large volumes of ESI, but that assumes everyone is playing by the rules.  But when a party engages in spoliation, the rules have changed and you need a computer forensics expert.
  • Incident Response Services - Computer systems continue to be compromised in unprecedented numbers.  We respond, triage your system, capture the evidence, and assist you in restoring your systems, all the while we examine the root causes so you don't experience the same problem twice.
  • Expert Witness Services - In addition to testifying as to our forensic  findings, we are often sought to verify or dispute findings by other experts, including serving as an independent examiner for the court
  • Data Recovery & Password Recovery Services - As an extension of our forensic examination services, we recovery data and we can crack or bypass passwords.  To be certain, there are data losses from which there is no recovery and there are password schemes or encryption that can't be broken, but we have a high degree of success in both departments.